How much time does it take for an erotic photo shoot?

It depends on how liberated you are! If you want to make an erotic photo shoot, but you have no experience of shooting, especially in erotica — you will need some time to get used to the place of shooting and to the photographer. For each individually this time… Someone is missing 5 minutes, and someone, few hours! Also an important aspect that affects the time that an erotic photo shoot lasts is the idea of a photo shoot! If you want to repeat some photo, but you have, for example, a different physical form, you will not be able to immediately take the desired pose for an erotic photo shoot. Therefore, you will need the help of a photographer. Posing takes from 30 seconds to 30 minutes! + setting the light… It’s no secret that the most important thing in an erotic photo shoot — it’s twilight and beautiful shadows… it is this mystery that distinguishes erotica from the more rough genres! Everyone has different shapes, different skin and body features, so it is impossible to set the light in advance. Studio lighting under exposed shot and the model! It takes time, too. Change the image or location, it takes time.

Where you can spend an erotic photo shoot?

Anywhere! This can be a Studio, street, hotel, ship, etc. can All be discussed individually. It is also possible to photograph you in any city of Russia and the world.

How to prepare for an erotic photo shoot?

1) First of all, you need to prepare mentally! Erotic photo shoot is a game in which you are the main actress! The most important thing is not to be afraid and not to worry! Photographer Yevgeny Nikonov — professional! And if you have already chosen him as your photographer for an erotic photo shoot, you must fully trust, then the result and the process of shooting will only please you. And so most importantly, calm down! Beautiful erotica — is confident in its irresistibility girl.

2) Pick up photos as an example of what you would like to get from your erotic photo shoot, while adequately assess their capabilities and features of the figure. For example, if you are a nice girl who is afraid of heights, and for example with a photo for your erotic photo shoot you chose a gymnast hovering near the ceiling — we will not work with you.

3) Come to the shooting in a good positive mood. In photoshop sincere smile and happiness will not paint.

4) Do not visit the Solarium before erotic photography. After tanning remain red spots and burnt skin, which will root in the time effective poses for an erotic photo shoot.

5) If you like to sunbathe in the Solarium and enjoy stikine, and from the nature of your skin and nipples are light, then it is better to tint the nipples of pencil for eyes the right color. Nipples should be a contrasting color with the skin so that they are visible during an erotic photo shoot.

6) the night before the erotic photo shoot do not drink a lot of water and do not sit in front of the computer! You need to be rested, fresh and cheerful on photography!

7) Visit the gym before an erotic photo shoot. Do not be long: half an hour of exercise on the muscles is enough. Just to keep your skin and muscles toned.

8) Bring a bottle of body oil with you for erotic photography! With it, your skin will look more attractive, and a bottle of your favorite drink will help to liberate and make a photo shoot even more exciting event)))

I really want an erotic photo shoot, but I’m worried that the photos spread on the Internet

Evgeny Nikonov is a photographer with experience since 2005. During this time, he had to photograph not only ordinary people, but also very well-known personalities who did not want their photos to get online. Simply ask for your Nude photo shoot to remain confidential and it will be so. There are some people who do not trust the word — for such people there is a form of signing the contract. But believe me, the reputation of the photographer Evgeny Nikonov is more reliable than any contracts. Therefore, confidentiality is always guaranteed.

I’m a man, and I want to come to an erotic photo shoot.

Erotic photo shoot is the prerogative of beautiful women. If you want to come to an erotic photo shoot-take your beloved, and we will make for you a beautiful pair erotic photo shoot full of love and passion.

Want to give erotic erotic photoshoot by photographer Evgeny Nikonov on your girlfriend, how can I do that?

Erotic photo shoot is a great idea for a gift. This is not very difficult. Call Eugene Nikonov, agree on free time for the desired number. Pay for a photo shoot, get a gift certificate and give it to your girlfriend. Certificates for photo shoots are the best gifts for women. Such unusual gifts remain in memory for a long time.

I’m ready to pose Nude. Can I get an erotic photo shoot from Evgeny Nikonov for free, on the terms of TFP?

Erotic photographer Evgeny Nikonov always puts high art above commercial interests, and periodically conducts creative erotic photo shoots on the terms of TFP. The unconditional condition is the signing of the model release for the right to publish photographs. If you are interested to participate in creative shooting — write to the photographer on the website or in the social. follow the photographer’s suggestions.

Do you give RAW files?

No. RAW files always remain only with the photographer. You can get all your successful photos from the photo shoot in jpeg format.

Do you conduct erotic photo shoots in other cities and how much more expensive is it?

Of course, the photographer Evgeny Nikonov regularly conducts erotic photo shoots in Moscow, Samara, Ufa and other cities. It is also possible to take a picture of you in any city of Russia, as well as in any countries within the Schengen area. ((It is better to warn about such a photo shoot in advance, so that you can make it into the schedule. Because of the need to take more time on the road). About the photo shoot in America is better to warn as soon as possible. Please note that Yevgeny Nikonov comes with his assistant to the on-site photo shoots. Which helps with light and transportation of machinery. Therefore, the payment of the road and accommodation is considered for 2 persons.

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