Why I shoot Nude. Аrt Nude Photographer Evgeny Nikonoff

Why am I taking Nude pictures?

I believe that there is nothing more beautiful than a naked female body. It is perfectly in harmony with the surrounding beauty of nature: seas, rocks, rivers, forests, fields, mountains, etc. Beauty created by Nature. For me, in my work, a woman is not an object of eroticism, but an object of beauty and admiration. Admiration for beauty. Admiration for form and content.

Yes, there is a negative aspect of nudity. Alas, it happened over time. In the history of society, culture, religion at different times, the naked body of a person was considered forbidden. Naked body was associated with sexuality and, in General, with sex due to lack of culture and development. The sexuality of a person is not in his exposure, but in the perception of another person. A naked man is no sexier than a tree without leaves. Alas, to this day, many remains of such ignorant attitude.

It is necessary to learn to see and admire the beauty of the naked body, and not to follow their animal instincts. Negative attitude towards the beauty of the naked body is the same as a negative attitude to the beauty of the seas, rivers, clouds, mountains. It’s stupid.

Evgeny Nikonov.

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